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UPGEM_banner_01UPGEM: Understanding Puzzles in the Gendered European Map


The background for the UPGEM project was the severe problems which faces the European Union over the next decades. The general decrease in populations will affect all sectors of higher education and research. The natural sciences – and especially physics – encounter increasing problems with brain-drain, especially of female physicists. Even so the share of the share of female physicists leaving a commenced career in physics varies across the European member-states. The UPGEM-project has found an answer in the diversity of the organizational workplace cultures.





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Technological Literacy and New Employee Driven Innovation through Education is a four year research project funded by the Danish Council for Strategic Research. Led by Cathrine Hasse from the Danish School of Education, Aarhus University, TecU is a collaboration between the Danish School of Education, The Danish Technological Institute, UCC and the Metropolitan University College. Supported through the participation of some notable international educational researchers TecU is driven through a combination of ethnographic field studies and experimental ‘Living Labs’.


2014-05-12 15_28_50-Human-Robot InteractionFuture Technology, Culture and Learning

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Future Technology, Culture and Learning is an interdisciplinary research program at the Department of Education at the Faculty of Arts, Aarhus University focusing upon research at the convergence of emerging technology and cultural learning processes. Our research addresses processes of interaction through which technologies become culturally imagined, adopted, materialised as artefacts and embedded in individual and shared activities. Emphasis is upon ethnographic studies looking at the use and design of technologies within professional contexts currently spanning education, healthcare and robotics.


Other projects

The Third Space (Det Tredje Rum)


2014-05-12øffende Praksisser

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The goal of this strategic research project is to generate research-based knowledge about how to develop a fruitful relation between theory and practice in professional education programmes. This knowledge can contribute to the attainment of the goal that 50% of a birth cohort finishes higher education by increasing the desirability, retention and quality of the programmes.