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UPGEM Closing Conference

Cultural boundary-making in everyday academic work life

UPGEM Closing Conference
Copenhagen, May 30-31, 2008

Different Career Paths
Competent female and male scientists follow different career paths in different national contexts; some countries are better than others at attracting women to a research career in science, and at some universities the workplace culture supports or aggravates the situation. This conference give you a multifaceted picture of the diversity of the everyday life at universities in five European countries: Italy, Poland, Finland, Estonia and Denmark.

Leaving or Staying in Academia?
Our research finds that problems of retaining competent researchers in academia can be related to problems of perceived stereotypes and gender categories which hinder female researchers from reaching the top. But certain workplace cultures are also problematic for both male and female researchers as well as PhD students.
Different historically and socially created boundaries between practices in nation states influence who stays in academia and who leaves. Some researchers are pulled out by family responsibilities or better job offers outside academia while others are pushed out for reasons such as low pay, unfair competition, harassment or changes in the political climate.

Politicians, researchers and representatives from the corporate world will discuss issues of university as workplace. Presentations of the research results will unveil a new insight into the complex and intricate cultural historical patterns behind the diverging career paths.

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